1. Preparation and maintenance General Cash Book, Classified abstracts of income and expenditure.

2. To prepare budget estimates and annual accounts along with staffs.

3. To control over the expenditure and income of Cantonment Board.

4. To make essential and necessary payments/expenditure within a reasonable time.

5. To keep and control EMD, Security deposits, fixed deposits in his custody.

6. To get work done through sub-ordinates.

7. To control over advance and deposit register.


1. To collect the cash through 4B receipts and deposit it in the bank on time.

2. To prepare and maintain daily subsidiary cash book, cheque deposit register, and cheque pay-in-slip register.

3. To prepare 4B receipts for direct credits into bank account.

4. To assit to the accountant to maintaining the accounting records.

Other clerical staff

1. To prepare pay & allowances of all employees.

2. To maintain service records (Service books and personal files) and leave accounts of all the employees.

3. To prepare and maintain pension papers, and ascertaining and fixing the person receiving the pension.

4. To calculate monthly pension, gratuity, commutation value and leave encashment to the pensioners/family pensioners.

5. To control over the pension/family pension cases i.e. to stop pension in case of death of pensioner/family pensioner, to restore the pension, to reduce the pension from higher rate to normal rate, etc.

6. To maintain employees provident fund records, contributory pension fund, new pension scheme.

7. To maintain record for e-TDS of employees and contractors and quarterly filing such records.

8. To calculate income tax and issue form no. 16 to employees and form no. 16 (A) to contractors.

9. To check the challans of various departments.

10. To give periodical records and information to LIC, PF authority, Professional tax, GNSDL, and to higher authority.

11. To calculate overtime wages, supplementary, suspension and other allowances.

12. To prepare medical reimbursement claims, LTC claims, TA-DA claims, Festival advance, Provident fund loans, various certificates, GIS, etc.

Annual Accounts


Annual Budget