At present this Cantt. Board has engaged 170 no. of Safai Karmachari for maintaining the sanitation of all 07 wards including, schools, hospitals, gardens, MSW plants etc. and six garbage vehicles with drivers for collections of garbage from dust bins.

Door To Door Garbage Collection  

This office has engaged 12 No. of Ghanta Gadis for collection of Bio degradable & Non bio degradable garbage in separate two compartments, from military and civil area. These Ghanta Gadis are collecting the segreted garbage from all parts of the Cantt. Board.

Municipal Solid Waste Management  

This office has started the Municipal Solid Waste Plant at Indrayani Darshan where in the process on Bio Degradable garbage is being done by OWC and shredding machines. Presently two sets of Machines has been installed at above site and the segregated Bio Degradable garbage is being converted in to compost manure. And this compost manure is being sold to the farmers by adopting the Auction procedure from time to time.

Transport Services  

This Cantt. Board is proving the civic services such as supply of drinking water, cleaning of septic tanks, cleaning of garbage,Transportation of Dead Body etc. The charges for supply of above services to the individuals who desires to obtained the above services for their personal use.

1. Water Tanker – Rs.600/- per trip within Cantt. Limit.

2. Vacuum Emptier – Rs.750/- per trip within Cantt. Limit.

3. Hydraulic Ladder – Rs. 5000/- per day